MARIANO CARABIAS was born in Segovia in 1963. He studied painting and drawing at the School of Arts and Crafts of Segovia, engraving and stamping at the “Espinosa de los Monteros” School of Engraving of Segovia, cinematography at the Cinema History and Aesthetics Degree of the Valladolid University and glass painting at the National Glass Center of La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia). He obtained his degree in Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid in 1987.

Since 1985 he has carried out several individual and collective painting exhibitions in Segovia, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Cantabria, Tenerife… In 1992 he designed and executed the interior wall murals of the Church of San Frutos in Segovia, using the sgraffito in fresco technique and with free hand.

Between 1994 and 1995 he designed and made ceramic and sgraffito murals in the Botanical Garden of Segovia with Rafael Lorenzo Tardón. Between 1990 and 2005 he works as a teacher of Drawing and Design Theory at the School of Arts of Segovia.

Since 2002 he designs and executes murals made of ceramics and sand engraved glass for architectural purposes (entrances to buildings, private homes, public libraries …) as well as several artworks of graphic design, exhibitions design and assembly, and always continuing with his work of painting.