At the beginning, the earth. The water transformed it into mud. The hand shaped the idea. The air dried the material. The fire petrified it and turned it into unchangeable. Materials and processes follow this due way to achieve the finished ceramic mural. It is built with multiple pieces worked in volumes that reflect light with intensity and various brightness. The assembly of all the pieces achieves the final image giving meaning to the work.


Sand-etched glass refracts light to infinite angles that fills the space smoothly, creating an atmosphere of indirect light that is both enveloping and relaxing. The contrast between transparent and frosted spaces draws and helps to shape the representation; but always in a subtle way: the focus is the atmosphere generated by light. 


Sand and lime amalgamated with water, create an adhesive paste which covers walls with a unique strength. While the paste is fresh, pressure, pigments... can be added. The presence of color applied to the fresco, enriches the expressiveness of a simple and effective technique connected with traditional construction methods.